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What are the Benefits of ISO Certification?

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ISO Certification provides many benefits to organizations, businesses, governments, and consumers. Benefits include:

  • Credibility – The ISO certification mark is well-recognized around the world as a symbol of quality because the standards are developed based on consensus between manufacturers, users, consumer interest groups, and government agencies. The use of International Standards ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.
  • Trade Facilitation – The worldwide acceptance of International Standards helps smooth trade between trading partners who may be using different national standards.
  • Enhanced Customer Confidence – Manufacturers and suppliers of products and services that meet ISO Standards often gain a reputation for consistent high quality, leading to increased customer confidence. Customers can be more confident when purchasing goods or obtaining services from companies who have the ISO mark because they know that the company has taken steps to meet ISO Standards. These customers are more likely to purchase from these companies in the future.
  • Market Advantage – Companies that operate according to ISO standards may be viewed favorably by their customers, suppliers, potential employees, and investors for being proactive in improving the quality of products or services they provide.
  • Highly Trusted – The ISO certification mark is recognized around the world as a sign of quality. In many countries, ISO certification3 is a “must-have” for products and companies in regulated industries such as food, automotive, and manufacturing (where adherence to ISO Standards can be mandated via laws or regulations).